mercredi 14 décembre 2016

Vers la fin de l'opposition entre ruralité et urbanité : les conditions de réussite d'une utopie programmée

Extrait de l'ouvrage L'innovation dans les formes urbaines - Début de prophétie autoréalisatrice - Décembre 2016, Marseille.

page 234
"Le lien entre urbanité et ruralité se réalisera grâce à un surccroît de sociabilité et de mobilité, c'est à dire par l'introduction de hauts lieux de sociabilité (restaurants, bars, activités sportives, ...) au sein des exploitations, qui devront également être ultraconnectées aux transports en commun et au flux d'usagers".

"La réforme du système de production agricole mondial doit aller de pair avec une réforme du développement urbain"

p167 (partie en anglais)

mardi 4 décembre 2012

LOS ANGELES : don't throw the baby with the bathwater

You can't figth urban sprawl. It keeps coming.

Whereas in most european cities urban sprawl is a relative recent problem, as we're witnessing, powerless, our cities merging into eachother like one big urban ocean, distance and gigantism are constitutive of Los Angeles from its very begining. 

Los Angeles is born big, people started to go from distant places in the moutains to others close to the sea very early. Distance, ambition, no limit, are part of the spirit.

European cities reach gigantism in reverse mode. They kept extending from their little historical center through the centuries, and now cities that were used to be units on their own merge into eachother. Hello neighbours, my old ennemies.

The superiority of LA will then appear very soon in its capacity to hide the best bar in the middle of the least expected areas. Behind warehouses, at the crossing of some freeway exits, or regular pavillons.

Here in Europe, we still don't know how to make those new urban zones entertaining. We know its bad to separate functions, we know that what's good about historic centers is the fact that they combine a lot of different activities, still we can't help to reproduce the same mistakes.

LA spirit, please save us from ourselves.

In Stockholm, they got it right : they start to have great clubs with hundred of people under freeways bridges, at Trädgården/ Under bron

Soon this blog will provide the proof that LA contains the best exemple of city life, where nature, banana trees, freeways, fancy modern houses, modest wood houses, hispanic families, successful directors, struggling ones, successful actors, struggling ones, bars, cafes, cheap supermarkets,  second hand stores, great hispanic food restaurants, great chinese restaurants, offices, and scooter garages who are also bars, live in harmony.

I name, hereby, Echo Park.